Sunday, April 8, 2007

Writer Profile: Shark Tooth Hester

Born in the Florida Everglades, Shark Tooth Hester, or Hessie, as only the bravest of souls call her, lived as an orphan in a convent.

She is very personable and draws great animal cartoons, which made her popular with many children and a few pedophiles throughout school. The only thing she aspired to do in life was travel around the globe as a Pirate. Unfortunately, the Heaven's Gate cult took advantage of that and used her for their purposes. Since rescued, she's now reorganizing her life and pursuing her graduate degree in Communication.

When asked to describe the most significant moment of her life, Hessie smiles with a look of nostalgia in her eyes. Anyone else might mention her days on the high seas or her role in the Heaven’s Gate revolution that forced Tom Cruise from power as the evil dictator (resulting in his move to Scientology). But Hessie answers, “It was December 15, 1966, and yes, that day was a Thursday. I don't remember what I was doing when Kennedy was killed, but I'll never forget Disney's death.”

With the death of her idol, Hessie vowed to abandon her goals of being a professional animator, and now restricts her drawing to images of flamingos to symbolize the secret bond she and Walt once shared.

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